Horror Navideño

25 Dec

Have you received your presents from Santa? Neither have I. He is said to have been attacked on his way. For more details of the Christmas Horror Story: Inadaptados roban a Papa Noel324151300_f4d4f8eaeb (1)


Receta de galletas de Navidad

18 Dec

6 days till Christmas! You still have time to purchase the ingredients and prepare these Christmas cookies: Receta313282578_ba83aa62e8_z

¿Sólo la victoria cuenta?

16 Dec

Sport is about effort, stamina, beating our competitors and our limits. But what to do when you could win, but you know you don’t deserve it? Iván Fernández Anaya did what just few people would have done, beat himself while letting an other sportsman win the competition. What would you have done? El valor de un gesto

Desafío matemático

14 Dec

872459661_3e17e160f5_zIf you are good with numbers and like challenge, try to solve the exercise of the Royal Maths Society on occasion of the traditional Spanish Christmas Lottery. Números bonitos y feos

Perros en sus poses más curiosas

13 Dec

I know, I know, it’s a post about animals again, but how could I resist these extra-cute furry creatures? Just see the pictures and you will understand how Paul Walker became obsessed with taking dog photos. Or the Spanish captions will explain it to you.


My precious dog, Liza (No, tongue is not photoshopped…)

Busca trabajo

11 Dec

If you are interested in improving your business Spanish, job boards are good resources. Can you match the requirements with the positions in which they are necessary?


a. Valorable experiencia en entidades bancarias

b. Carné de carretillero

c. Formación universitaria en ciencias de la salud

d. Nivel alto hablado y escrito de los siguientes idiomas:  Alemán, Inglés y Español

e. Formación profesional en hostelería


1. Visitador Médico

2. Cajero

3. Recepcionista

4. Operario industrial

5. Cocinero


If not, browse here for example, and learn the most frequent phrases used in advertisements to describe a company or the ideal canditate for a role.

El perro conductor

10 Dec

There is a constant argument whether men or women are better drivers. But what happens when appears a new competitor? Who are better drivers: men, women or… dogs? The following video is not a trick, Monty, the schnauzer is really driving a car.