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Nuevas estrategias de Unilever

31 Aug

Due to the economic crisis the giant company Unilever decided to use in Europe the same techniques of selling which have already worked in developing countries. You can read the details here:

El regreso de pobreza en Europa


Niñas y niños

30 Aug

Is it possible to talk about complex topics with students at elementary level in Spanish? Of course. The following song is about gender equality, using a simple language and mentioning some elements of everyday life where little boys and girls can be equal.

Concurso de muerte

29 Aug

To promote the ’If I die’ application of Facebook  a macabre contest has been launched recently. If you want to learn more about how getting your 15 minutes of fame by dying first, read this article.

I would rather miss the prize…

Si muero el primero…

El problema de Monty Hall

28 Aug

In the next video you can see a scene from the crime series ’Numbers’ dubbed in Spanish. Stop the video at 1:11 and think about the problem. Can you win the car?

Figuras de cuento patológicas

27 Aug

Have you ever been thinking about what kind of fairy tales we tell our children? Whether such an imbecile little creature like Little Red Riding Hood who can not distinguish between a wolf and her own grandma could be an appropriate role model for the youth?

In the following text Mónica Lalanda analyses the medical status of fairy tale characters, with lots of humour and a real diagnostic background.

Caperucita, cenicienta y otros seres enfermos


Tip how to use this material: Cada estudiante elige una figura de cuento y prepara una descripción de sus síntomas, y los demás tienen que adivinar de quién se trata.

Los héroes de las Paraolimpiadas

26 Aug

Millions of people followed the events of the Olympic Games in London. For the Paralympic Games between August 29th and September 9th almost all the tickets have been sold in advance.Every participant has their own story of willpower and tenacity, living with a disability and becoming an athlete with marvellous results.

The next story is about Hasssiem Achmat, who lost a leg in a shark attack while saving his brother’s life, and now has a chance to win an Olympic medal in swimming.

Achmat Hassiem


Tip how to use this material: Los estudiantes buscan otras historias de héroes sobre los participantes de las Paraolimpiadas y las cuentan en la clase.

Por amor al arte

25 Aug

Let’s continue with quotes. Today I have mixed some witty aforisms of the Irish writer, Oscar Wilde, in Spanish, of course. Can you find the best finish for each sentence? Have fun!


1. Para la mayoría de nosotros la verdadera vida…

2. Los solteros ricos deberían pagar más impuestos…

3. El trabajo es el refugio…

4. Sólo publican memorias aquellas personas…

5. El deber es lo que esperamos que hagan los demás…

6. Hay dos tipos de mujeres…

7. El cinismo consiste en ver las cosas como realmente son…

8. La mejor base para un matrimonio feliz…

9. Los placeres sencillos..

10. Para tener buena salud lo haría todo menos tres cosas…


A …ya han perdido totalmente la memoria.

B …son el último refugio de los hombres complicados.

C  …hacer gimnasia, levantarme temprano y ser persona responsable.

D …es la mutua incomprensión.

E …no lo que hacemos nosotros mismos.

F …no es justo que unos sean más felices que otros.

G …es la vida que no llevamos.

H …y no como se quiere que sean.

I … de los que no tienen nada que hacer.

J … las feas y las que se pintan.