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Desafio mental

30 Sep

Can you answer a few simple questions which require only some common sense? Of course you think you can. Well, we will see. Your fail to answer has fatal consequences… Enjoy the Desafio loco! 🙂




Traducción – traición

29 Sep

It is said that every translator is a traitor, as it is impossible to prepare a perfect translation, which would mean literally the same, while keeps every shade of the text of the source language. Not to mention the occasions when the translator simply makes a mistake resulting in something odd or even senseless. The following link analyses the translation errors made while the popular science fiction movie ‘Blade runner’ has been dubbed into Spanish: Blade Runner traducción


Los siete pecados capitales

28 Sep

It is proved that we can remember words in a foreign language more easily if our emotions are involved during the learning process. Instead of simply repeating lists of words, the following video will certainly make it easier to remember how to say the seven deadly sins in Spanish. It’s a funny video, but it contains some violent scenes, so I recommend it to adults only.


Los números PIN más frecuentes

27 Sep

Is your PIN code an easy one to predict? Check the list of the most common PIN codes here, from 1234 to an homage to James Bond.


Ecce mono

25 Sep

You must have heard the scandal about the restoration of the fresco ‘Ecce Homo’ by an amateur artist, the 80-year-old Cecilia Giménez in Borca, Spain. The result matches with Mr. Bean’s restoration work in his major film, the only difference is that the Spanish lady is now claiming for being paid, as the church has become a tourist attraction thanks to her work. Here is a video about the story:


Cosas que sabemos gracias al cine americano

24 Sep

For today I searched for the classical joke in Spanish. Things we wouldn’t know if it weren’t for the American movies. Can you add other things to the list?

Cosas que sabemos gracias al cine americano


Homo Consumus

23 Sep

We live in a world which encourages us to consume as much as we can. If it is wise or not, let an extraterrestrial professor explain to us in the following cartoon.