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Cincuenta y uno sombras de Grey

16 Oct

The erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey set selling records , although the literary quality of the book is discussed by lots of people. Andrea Hoyos, a Spanish publicist wrote what she thinks a feminine erotic novel should be. And she also breaks records. More about her book here: ¿Dormimos juntos?


Pájaros rabiosos omnipresentes

15 Oct


I have been very busy in the last few days (I am searching for a new flat to rent, I dare to say it’s a nightmare), that’s why you could not read new posts. In today’s post however I try to make up my leeway and brought you more than just one link. The game Angry Birds helped me relieve the stress of these days, and as it is maybe the most popular game in the world I suppose you will enjoy reading about it, too.

First here you can read about the official theme park in Finland dedicated to the Angry Birds.

And here about the unofficial version in China. Photos and a video how to shoot with a plush bird are available.

The third link is for Maths fanatics, see how the game can be used to make some trigonometry calculation: Trigonometria con los pájaros rabiosos

If you want to know why the game is so popular read an interview with one of the creators: Entrevista con Peter Vesterbacka

If you would rather read some tips how to get more score, this will help you: Trucos

Enjoy the game, but don’t forget to learn Spanish! 🙂


Señora Vaca

9 Oct

When I first saw the following video I was shocked. It was so annoying, so silly, so badly animated. Then I realised how popular this song is among children, and that it can really help them respect animals. Moreover it presents lots of basic words for elementary students of Spanish. You can easily learn the main dairy products through this video. If you can bear to watch it… 🙂


Libros libres

8 Oct

A crisis resistant initiative has been born in Madrid to provide people with the pleasant experience of reading even if they don’t have money to buy books. In a new library it is the reader who dictates the price of the books. If you don’t want to pay for a volume at all, you don’t have to. See the details here: Libros libres

La ley contra comer

6 Oct

Under a new law tourists eating sandwiches around the monuments of Rome can be fined up to 500 euros. The city’s council tries to ‘re-educate people about how to behave in this city’. Why? Read the details here: La ley anti-panino

Gaturro y los pictogramas

5 Oct

On Teachers’ Day I would like to say thanks to all the great, patient teachers with the following comic strip in which Gaturro – one of the worst pupils in the world – tries to apprehend pictograms.Gaturro

Concurso de fotografía animal

4 Oct

On World Animal Day I recommend you a current Pet Photo Contest. If you agree with me that animals bring lots of fun and happiness to our life, you will certainly enjoy the photos. Vote for the cutest pet, or even participate and win. Here are the details: Concurso fotográfico