La fábula de las cuatro Pantallas

9 Dec

30 years ago television had no competitor in the field of home entertainment. Then PC appeared, later the Internet, and nowadays it is almost untraceable the technological development: iPad, iPod, tablet, smartphone…, as if they were sons of a very fertile rabbit couple. David Cuen’s tale is about the four of the brothers: television, computer, mobile phone and tablet. Cuatro pantallas



Chistes para principiantes

8 Dec

One of the best moments of language learning when you understand the first joke in a foreign language. Today I collected some jokes which are easy to understand even if your Spanish is elementary.

En la escuela, la maestra dice:
A ver Luis, ¿cómo te imaginas la escuela ideal?
¡Cerrada, maestra!

Tiene ojos y no ve, tiene pico y no pica, tiene alas y no vuela, tiene patas y no camina, ¿Qué es? Un pajarito muerto.

Si tú estás en un avión y éste se prende en fuego, ¿Por dónde sales? Por las noticias.

El jefe ordena a su secretaria escribir una nota, citando a reunión con todo el personal, para el próximo viernes. La secretaria no muy experta en ortografía, pregunta a su jefe:
¿Cómo se escribe viernes, con v o b?
El jefe responde:
¡Cambie la reunión para el lunes!

Llega un niño donde su mamá que esta embarazada y le pregunta:
Mamá, ¿Qué tienes en la panza?
Un niño.
¿Y quién te lo dio?
Tu papá.
Y el niño va corriendo donde su papá y le dice:
Papá, ¡No le andes dando niños a mi mamá porque se los come!


7 Dec

A Dutch artist, Bert Jansen stuffed his deceased cat and turned him into a radio controlled helicopter. I doubt if it’s art, not to mention the dignity that the pet should deserve. What do you think? Gato-helicóptero

Juegos de Papá Noel

6 Dec

Christmas is approaching, in some countries Santa Claus has already delivered his presents today. My present for you on 6th December is a link with 5 Father Christmas Games. Try and share with us which one is your favourite.

Juegos de Papá Noel


El alma de Alfred Hitchcock

5 Dec

It is said that ’Behind every successful man there stands a woman’. Behind Alfred Hitchcock, the director of world famous movies such as Psycho or The Birds, stood 4 women – as he admitted when accepted the American Film Institute Life Achievement Award. 4 outstanding people impersonated in his wife, Alma. Learn more about their story on the occasion of coming release of the movie ’Hitchcock’. El Alma de Alfred Hitchcock


Cigarrillos en paquetes repugnantes

4 Dec


Do you smoke? Want to quit? Let’s see the shocking Australian way to make you not buy more cigarettes

Cajetillas de cigarrillos sin personalidad


Asesinos sonámbulos

3 Dec


You may have heard funny stories about sleepwalkers who rearrange the furniture or eat the dog’s food while sleeping, but what happens when a sleepwalker does something more serious: drive a car and cause an accident or commit a murder? How to prove they are not responsible? And how to prevent the re-occurance of such cases? An exciting article about a man who killed his wife while both sleeping: Sonámbulos crimenes