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Horror Navideño

25 Dec

Have you received your presents from Santa? Neither have I. He is said to have been attacked on his way. For more details of the Christmas Horror Story: Inadaptados roban a Papa Noel324151300_f4d4f8eaeb (1)


Desafío matemático

14 Dec

872459661_3e17e160f5_zIf you are good with numbers and like challenge, try to solve the exercise of the Royal Maths Society on occasion of the traditional Spanish Christmas Lottery. Números bonitos y feos

Busca trabajo

11 Dec

If you are interested in improving your business Spanish, job boards are good resources. Can you match the requirements with the positions in which they are necessary?


a. Valorable experiencia en entidades bancarias

b. Carné de carretillero

c. Formación universitaria en ciencias de la salud

d. Nivel alto hablado y escrito de los siguientes idiomas:  Alemán, Inglés y Español

e. Formación profesional en hostelería


1. Visitador Médico

2. Cajero

3. Recepcionista

4. Operario industrial

5. Cocinero


If not, browse here for example, and learn the most frequent phrases used in advertisements to describe a company or the ideal canditate for a role.

Asesinos sonámbulos

3 Dec


You may have heard funny stories about sleepwalkers who rearrange the furniture or eat the dog’s food while sleeping, but what happens when a sleepwalker does something more serious: drive a car and cause an accident or commit a murder? How to prove they are not responsible? And how to prevent the re-occurance of such cases? An exciting article about a man who killed his wife while both sleeping: Sonámbulos crimenes

Dibujos del señor de los anillos

2 Dec

The fans of The Lord of the Rings are looking forward to the release of The Hobbit. While waiting why not admire the drawings with which Tolkien illustrated his masterpiece, and read the explanations in Spanish in a book published on the 75th anniversary of first publishing of the story of elves and dwarves?

Viaje visual a la imaginación de Tolkien



El gato de 1000 likes o sea movilizaciones en las redes sociales

1 Dec

Should anyone still have any doubt about the mobilizing power of social network, must read the story of Remi Urbano, how he got the desired cat with help of strangers on Facebook. The modern way of enforcing your wishes on your parents… Cats and kids then…


…and Now

Cincuenta y uno sombras de Grey

16 Oct

The erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey set selling records , although the literary quality of the book is discussed by lots of people. Andrea Hoyos, a Spanish publicist wrote what she thinks a feminine erotic novel should be. And she also breaks records. More about her book here: ¿Dormimos juntos?