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Perros en sus poses más curiosas

13 Dec

I know, I know, it’s a post about animals again, but how could I resist these extra-cute furry creatures? Just see the pictures and you will understand how Paul Walker became obsessed with taking dog photos. Or the Spanish captions will explain it to you.


My precious dog, Liza (No, tongue is not photoshopped…)


El perro conductor

10 Dec

There is a constant argument whether men or women are better drivers. But what happens when appears a new competitor? Who are better drivers: men, women or… dogs? The following video is not a trick, Monty, the schnauzer is really driving a car. 


7 Dec

A Dutch artist, Bert Jansen stuffed his deceased cat and turned him into a radio controlled helicopter. I doubt if it’s art, not to mention the dignity that the pet should deserve. What do you think? Gato-helicóptero

El gato de 1000 likes o sea movilizaciones en las redes sociales

1 Dec

Should anyone still have any doubt about the mobilizing power of social network, must read the story of Remi Urbano, how he got the desired cat with help of strangers on Facebook. The modern way of enforcing your wishes on your parents… Cats and kids then…


…and Now

¿Cómo elegir la mascota ideal?

30 Nov

After the difficulties of moving to an other town and finally settled down a little bit, I’m going to continue my regular entries to this blog.

I start today with a topic which has arisen recently, as we are not allowed to have pets in our new home, but we are determined to have a dog next time when we move. As winter holiday is approaching, many parents are thinking about giving a pet to their child as a Christmas present. However, getting a pet is a responsibility for a long time. How to choose the ideal pet? Let’s see tips of Hogar Express:


Concurso de fotografía animal

4 Oct

On World Animal Day I recommend you a current Pet Photo Contest. If you agree with me that animals bring lots of fun and happiness to our life, you will certainly enjoy the photos. Vote for the cutest pet, or even participate and win. Here are the details: Concurso fotográfico


Manuelita, la tortuga

20 Sep

For today I have found a beautiful song written by María Elena Walsh, an Argentine poet, composer and cultural hero, whose books for children are very popular in South America. This bittersweet song is about a turtle, Manuelita, who goes to Paris to find love. But who knows, maybe it is waiting for her in her little town in Pehuajo. Note the lovely Argentine accent, how the singer pronounces ‘y’ y ‘ll’.