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¿Sólo la victoria cuenta?

16 Dec

Sport is about effort, stamina, beating our competitors and our limits. But what to do when you could win, but you know you don’t deserve it? Iván Fernández Anaya did what just few people would have done, beat himself while letting an other sportsman win the competition. What would you have done? El valor de un gesto



10 Sep

Do you know the phrase of Gary Lineker? “Football is a simple game; 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win.” In today’s post I’ve brought you a cartoon series about the Egg Olympics where it is the Mexicans who always win. How? By any means…

Some practice of the Mexican accent and lots of fun in the following video:

Los héroes de las Paraolimpiadas

26 Aug

Millions of people followed the events of the Olympic Games in London. For the Paralympic Games between August 29th and September 9th almost all the tickets have been sold in advance.Every participant has their own story of willpower and tenacity, living with a disability and becoming an athlete with marvellous results.

The next story is about Hasssiem Achmat, who lost a leg in a shark attack while saving his brother’s life, and now has a chance to win an Olympic medal in swimming.

Achmat Hassiem


Tip how to use this material: Los estudiantes buscan otras historias de héroes sobre los participantes de las Paraolimpiadas y las cuentan en la clase.