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Perros en sus poses más curiosas

13 Dec

I know, I know, it’s a post about animals again, but how could I resist these extra-cute furry creatures? Just see the pictures and you will understand how Paul Walker became obsessed with taking dog photos. Or the Spanish captions will explain it to you.


My precious dog, Liza (No, tongue is not photoshopped…)


Chistes para principiantes

8 Dec

One of the best moments of language learning when you understand the first joke in a foreign language. Today I collected some jokes which are easy to understand even if your Spanish is elementary.

En la escuela, la maestra dice:
A ver Luis, ¿cómo te imaginas la escuela ideal?
¡Cerrada, maestra!

Tiene ojos y no ve, tiene pico y no pica, tiene alas y no vuela, tiene patas y no camina, ¿Qué es? Un pajarito muerto.

Si tú estás en un avión y éste se prende en fuego, ¿Por dónde sales? Por las noticias.

El jefe ordena a su secretaria escribir una nota, citando a reunión con todo el personal, para el próximo viernes. La secretaria no muy experta en ortografía, pregunta a su jefe:
¿Cómo se escribe viernes, con v o b?
El jefe responde:
¡Cambie la reunión para el lunes!

Llega un niño donde su mamá que esta embarazada y le pregunta:
Mamá, ¿Qué tienes en la panza?
Un niño.
¿Y quién te lo dio?
Tu papá.
Y el niño va corriendo donde su papá y le dice:
Papá, ¡No le andes dando niños a mi mamá porque se los come!

Juegos de Papá Noel

6 Dec

Christmas is approaching, in some countries Santa Claus has already delivered his presents today. My present for you on 6th December is a link with 5 Father Christmas Games. Try and share with us which one is your favourite.

Juegos de Papá Noel


Señora Vaca

9 Oct

When I first saw the following video I was shocked. It was so annoying, so silly, so badly animated. Then I realised how popular this song is among children, and that it can really help them respect animals. Moreover it presents lots of basic words for elementary students of Spanish. You can easily learn the main dairy products through this video. If you can bear to watch it… 🙂


Gaturro y los pictogramas

5 Oct

On Teachers’ Day I would like to say thanks to all the great, patient teachers with the following comic strip in which Gaturro – one of the worst pupils in the world – tries to apprehend pictograms.Gaturro

Ilusiones opticas

1 Oct

After the challenge of yesterday, where you needed your common sense, let’s test your eyes. Can you believe them?

The following video is for elementary students, and besides the interesting optical illusion focuses on the imperative form.


Los siete pecados capitales

28 Sep

It is proved that we can remember words in a foreign language more easily if our emotions are involved during the learning process. Instead of simply repeating lists of words, the following video will certainly make it easier to remember how to say the seven deadly sins in Spanish. It’s a funny video, but it contains some violent scenes, so I recommend it to adults only.