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Desafío matemático

14 Dec

872459661_3e17e160f5_zIf you are good with numbers and like challenge, try to solve the exercise of the Royal Maths Society on occasion of the traditional Spanish Christmas Lottery. Números bonitos y feos


El perro conductor

10 Dec

There is a constant argument whether men or women are better drivers. But what happens when appears a new competitor? Who are better drivers: men, women or… dogs? The following video is not a trick, Monty, the schnauzer is really driving a car. 

¿Cómo elegir la mascota ideal?

30 Nov

After the difficulties of moving to an other town and finally settled down a little bit, I’m going to continue my regular entries to this blog.

I start today with a topic which has arisen recently, as we are not allowed to have pets in our new home, but we are determined to have a dog next time when we move. As winter holiday is approaching, many parents are thinking about giving a pet to their child as a Christmas present. However, getting a pet is a responsibility for a long time. How to choose the ideal pet? Let’s see tips of Hogar Express:


Señora Vaca

9 Oct

When I first saw the following video I was shocked. It was so annoying, so silly, so badly animated. Then I realised how popular this song is among children, and that it can really help them respect animals. Moreover it presents lots of basic words for elementary students of Spanish. You can easily learn the main dairy products through this video. If you can bear to watch it… 🙂


Ilusiones opticas

1 Oct

After the challenge of yesterday, where you needed your common sense, let’s test your eyes. Can you believe them?

The following video is for elementary students, and besides the interesting optical illusion focuses on the imperative form.


Desafio mental

30 Sep

Can you answer a few simple questions which require only some common sense? Of course you think you can. Well, we will see. Your fail to answer has fatal consequences… Enjoy the Desafio loco! 🙂



Ecce mono

25 Sep

You must have heard the scandal about the restoration of the fresco ‘Ecce Homo’ by an amateur artist, the 80-year-old Cecilia Giménez in Borca, Spain. The result matches with Mr. Bean’s restoration work in his major film, the only difference is that the Spanish lady is now claiming for being paid, as the church has become a tourist attraction thanks to her work. Here is a video about the story: