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Desafío matemático

14 Dec

872459661_3e17e160f5_zIf you are good with numbers and like challenge, try to solve the exercise of the Royal Maths Society on occasion of the traditional Spanish Christmas Lottery. Números bonitos y feos


Pájaros rabiosos omnipresentes

15 Oct


I have been very busy in the last few days (I am searching for a new flat to rent, I dare to say it’s a nightmare), that’s why you could not read new posts. In today’s post however I try to make up my leeway and brought you more than just one link. The game Angry Birds helped me relieve the stress of these days, and as it is maybe the most popular game in the world I suppose you will enjoy reading about it, too.

First here you can read about the official theme park in Finland dedicated to the Angry Birds.

And here about the unofficial version in China. Photos and a video how to shoot with a plush bird are available.

The third link is for Maths fanatics, see how the game can be used to make some trigonometry calculation: Trigonometria con los pájaros rabiosos

If you want to know why the game is so popular read an interview with one of the creators: Entrevista con Peter Vesterbacka

If you would rather read some tips how to get more score, this will help you: Trucos

Enjoy the game, but don’t forget to learn Spanish! 🙂


Los números PIN más frecuentes

27 Sep

Is your PIN code an easy one to predict? Check the list of the most common PIN codes here, from 1234 to an homage to James Bond.


Dilema del prisionero

4 Sep

The game theory says sometimes you had better co-operate than merely look out for your own personal interests. Do you think it is true? Well, the following video is quite convincing.



El problema de Monty Hall

28 Aug

In the next video you can see a scene from the crime series ’Numbers’ dubbed in Spanish. Stop the video at 1:11 and think about the problem. Can you win the car?