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Busca trabajo

11 Dec

If you are interested in improving your business Spanish, job boards are good resources. Can you match the requirements with the positions in which they are necessary?


a. Valorable experiencia en entidades bancarias

b. Carné de carretillero

c. Formación universitaria en ciencias de la salud

d. Nivel alto hablado y escrito de los siguientes idiomas:  Alemán, Inglés y Español

e. Formación profesional en hostelería


1. Visitador Médico

2. Cajero

3. Recepcionista

4. Operario industrial

5. Cocinero


If not, browse here for example, and learn the most frequent phrases used in advertisements to describe a company or the ideal canditate for a role.


Señora Vaca

9 Oct

When I first saw the following video I was shocked. It was so annoying, so silly, so badly animated. Then I realised how popular this song is among children, and that it can really help them respect animals. Moreover it presents lots of basic words for elementary students of Spanish. You can easily learn the main dairy products through this video. If you can bear to watch it… 🙂


Los siete pecados capitales

28 Sep

It is proved that we can remember words in a foreign language more easily if our emotions are involved during the learning process. Instead of simply repeating lists of words, the following video will certainly make it easier to remember how to say the seven deadly sins in Spanish. It’s a funny video, but it contains some violent scenes, so I recommend it to adults only.



16 Sep

For today I prepared a simple game for elementary students to improve their Spanish vocabulary. Your task is to find names of animals hidden in the chart. The words can be found horizontally or vertically. From the letters that remain you can read the name of a vegetable that rabbits like. Ayuda este hambriento conejo en recibir su comida.

Juego de inventos tecnológicos

8 Sep

Today I recommend you a simple game. You have to find the year when microwave oven, credit card and other technological devices have been invented. It’s an easy and entertaining way to learn these words in Spanish. If you are interested in Chemistry or History instead, you can change category and learn how to say in Spanish carbon monoxide or The Fall of Berlin Wall. Just click on the link:

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